Software is Easy! People are Hard.

“Software is Easy! People are Hard.” is a book about the good, the bad and the ugly in the software development industry.

We know that you are focused to learn as much programming as you can. Please listen: technical skills aren’t everything. You will have to learn how to talk with your team and your clients, manage expectations and respect deadlines.

You can learn all about how to be a good software developer, how to work with other people and how to sell your product or yourself to others.

This book is an epic journey through the ups and downs of working with software, and by the end, you will know what can be achieved with code and how to become the best version of yourself.

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How to deal with that one colleague


You just got a new job. Maybe it’s your first job, maybe you changed jobs. Whatever the case is you are now here. Brand new office, brand new colleagues, everything’s going to be awesome. Well, not quite. Something will go horribly wrong, you just don’t know it yet. Imagine as if in your first few days at you job the (1975) “Jaws” movie song is playing in the background but you can’t hear it.

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3 Simple Rules for Writing Elegant Code

“We write code for humans to read and computers to execute”

– in that order

A common topic in the software development industry is the way in which the code is written or how you should write your code. There are a lot of resources about good practices and some even contradict each other, which makes it a bit confusing. I won’t do that, instead, I’m going to show you what I keep in mind when I write code or do code reviews for somebody else. 

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How to deal with anger: part I

Regardless of your job you will have to work with colleagues, managers or clients. Sometimes, it’s harder to work with these people than doing your actual job. As our book title implies: “Software is easy. People are hard” . We each see the world through our own eyes and when somebody has a different opinion of how things should be done arguments are bound to happen.

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5 Simple tips for working as a Team

I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better

Abraham Lincoln

When you work it means something needs to be done, so, working as a team is more important than hard feelings. Everyone needs to perform to the same degree as their qualifications and if they can, support their colleagues. When you lead a team keep in mind that projects come and go, but people stay.

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Crash course on working remote as a company: 1.Communication

This post is a simple, online lesson for companies or people who are just starting to work remote and might have difficulties in changing their processes to adapt in the new situation.

This type of seminar is called by our team a TechBooster (Tech Knowledge Booster for Developers), but in essence it is a presentation (~2 hours) with the goal of eliminating reluctance towards certain subjects. This article is a short online version and it should be very easy to read and follow.

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5 ways to learn programming

Best way to learn anything

You remember 5% of what you hear in a lecture and about 10% of what you read. If you have visual and audio inputs you remember more, let’s say 20% and if you have a demonstration you can go up to 30%. This is about the maximum retention rate for passive learning.  

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Hi everyone, my name is Florentin Bota and I am honored to be a part of the “Software is Easy. People are Hard” project. I will add here my experiences and knowledge regarding software development and I hope they will help you learn something new, confirm something you were thinking about, or just make you smile 🙂 .

At the moment I am part of an awesome team at CodexWorks Technologies and about to finish my PhD Thesis (95% done 🙂) at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

I am passionate about computer science and how things works in general, and I am ready to demystify any buzzword that sounds like a Pokemon name.

Thank you for reading this blog and remember: If you love what you do, nothing is impossible!


Hello and welcome!

Maybe you have been at your first interview or the last one. I don’t know, maybe you just came from an interview, I had that feeling too. Bear with me.

First of all don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy your unemployed time, go out, fix your vices. When you will be hired full time everything changes. Similar to when you have a baby. Your schedule changes, you start going out with people that have jobs. It is difficult to schedule a night out. Basically you are now an adult. Of course, I am talking about the grind. Going on and on and on until burnout settles and you start taking it slow. Burnout.

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What is imposter syndrome?

All developers have suffered from it. Basically, from time to time you feel like a fraud. If you have seen the movie “Catch me if you can” – 2002 starring Leonardo DiCaprio that is a pretty accurate representation of how this feeling manifests. In the movie Leo impersonates a flight pilot (among other jobs) in order to access free travel by plane from city to city and cash fake checks. He is always looking over his shoulder to see if the police have finally got to him.  

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