Software is Easy! People are Hard.


“Software is Easy! People are Hard.” is a book about the good, the bad and the ugly in the software development industry.

We know that you are focused to learn as much programming as you can. Please listen: technical skills aren’t everything. You will have to learn how to talk with your team and your clients, manage expectations and respect deadlines.

You can learn all about how to be a good software developer, how to work with other people and how to sell your product or yourself to others.

This book is an epic journey through the ups and downs of working with software, and by the end, you will know what can be achieved with code and how to become the best version of yourself.

About the authors:

We are experienced developers, with a combined history of 38 years in the industry (we wrote our first line of code in the fifth grade), entrepreneurs and nice people in general. We hope you will enjoy our take about the topic we love the most.

Like what you see?

We post articles about each chapter as we write them.
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Donate – Software is Easy! People are hard. – How You Can Build Great Code and Relations-Lessons from the Trenches

If you decide to donate, the book will be finished faster ☺️ and we will send you a special book package. What the package will contain: Hardcover printed version of the book, a hammer shaped bookmark called "The Code Hammer", a handwritten thank you note and, where possible, personal delivery by one of the authors. Thank you!


10% of any amount generated by the book will be donated to charitable causes.

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