5 Simple tips for working as a Team

I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better Abraham Lincoln When you work it means something needs to be done, so, working as a team is more important than hard feelings. Everyone needs to perform to the same degree as their qualifications and if they can, support their colleagues. When youContinue reading “5 Simple tips for working as a Team”


Hello and welcome! Maybe you have been at your first interview or the last one. I don’t know, maybe you just came from an interview, I had that feeling too. Bear with me. First of all don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy your unemployed time, go out, fix your vices. When you will be hired fullContinue reading “Interviews”

How to: give and receive feedback.

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk A couple of days before writing this article I attended an event about feedback. I went there with my hopes low thinking that this will beContinue reading “How to: give and receive feedback.”

Hi, Robert here!

Hello my name is Robert Sandica. I am currently working with my colleagues Petre and Florentin Bota on a cool project about the little quirks of being a programmer. As a part of this project I will share my thoughts on this blog, regarding the habits of programmers and other related topics. I usually thinkContinue reading “Hi, Robert here!”

Networking: Getting out of our shells

Networking is building a relationship and connecting with another person, usually during a networking event, which might have a social or business nature. This article is for you, the one who feels anxiety speaking to someone at a conference or industry event. This might happen even if you are a well known speaker or presenter.Continue reading “Networking: Getting out of our shells”