Overpaid developers – myth, truth and legend


If you create your own app Elon Musk will instantly come out of nowhere to declare you a millionaire.

Media has a tendency to only show us the winners. We see it all the time: “teenager creates million dollar app“, “they started their billion dollar empire in their garage“. Yes, these things happen, but they are so much rarer than we are led to believe.

Most apps never get a public release. I personally created at least 5 apps that were never published on the app store (they were passion projects). Out of the published apps only a small percentage even get bought. And out of the ones that get bought an even smaller percentage get to the million status level.

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Hi, Robert here!

Hello my name is Robert Sandica. I am currently working with my colleagues Petre and Florentin Bota on a cool project about the little quirks of being a programmer.

As a part of this project I will share my thoughts on this blog, regarding the habits of programmers and other related topics. I usually think deep in technical logic and I am currently learning to think in customer logic, which is not an easy task.

As a programmer, I feel like an introvert by definition, and this blog will help me to answer questions like: How do I get out from my shell at an event or conference? Without boring our companions by getting too technical. Because, let’s face it, in 2 -3 minutes we can’t bla-bla all the things out of our head to get any attention.

So buckle up and follow us in our journey!

Networking: Getting out of our shells

Networking is building a relationship and connecting with another person, usually during a networking event, which might have a social or business nature.

This article is for you, the one who feels anxiety speaking to someone at a conference or industry event. This might happen even if you are a well known speaker or presenter. At one point you will be with a group of people and out of your comfort zone, not knowing how to break the ice. I will present you my answer on this topic and feel free to give some feedback about your ideas!

How do I get out from my shell at an event or conference?

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professional exhaustion syndrome

Burnout basically means when you are a match that was lit and now extinguished. There is no more flame in you or your soul. You are thin and dark like a burnt match.

During your university studies no one warns you about burnout despite the fact that many developers suffer from it. Usually burnout happens when you have a tight schedule to finish a project. You take it upon yourself to complete it in time at the risk of your own health.

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Hello World!

Welcome to my journey

Hi guys. My name is Peter and I’m a full stack web developer. The main reason for starting this blog is to promote the book that I’m currently writing. “Software is Easy. People are Hard” is a book about the software development industry. Together with two of my closest friends we are writing our own take on this topic.

On this blog you’ll mostly see highlights from each chapter as it’s being written. I will also take the freedom to talk about other topics related to IT that I feel I can add some value to with my opinion.
Warning! pop culture references may include Rick and Morty, Archer or Star Trek. So keep your eyes peeled for those Easter eggs. Now, let’s dive right in and talk about one of the chapters in the book.